The only e-commerce fulfilment solution made exclusively for small businesses.
Like all great ideas, Weengs was born out of experience. Fresh off the plane from San Francisco, Greg and Alex set to work trying to understand why shipping their stuff home was such a painful experience – hard to pack, complicated customs forms, conflicting carrier information, not to mention expensive. Enter Weengs, a straightforward solution for you e-commerce fulfilment.
“I assumed that my products would just be packaged in a box that best fits their size but was pleasantly surprised to see the packaging is very much built around the product, therefore minimising waste and taking up less space.”
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We don’t put our customers in a box.
Every single item is sent in a custom made box. We look after our customers in the same way.
We don’t discriminate according to business size.
We love all businesses but we especially love small businesses.
We don’t make it complicated.
From collection to customer service we make it simple. No more call waiting, automated responses or excuses. Just friendly old us.
We do offer peace of mind.
We’re guessing you work pretty hard to make your business great. That’s why we professionally package every item and select the best carrier for you – no more breakages, no more unhappy customers.
We do save you time and money.
It’s not just the price of the label. It’s the time, effort and problem solving too. All in all, we’ve discovered the average business spends an extra £4 on the label price. That’s a lot of hidden cost. With Weengs what you see is what you pay.
We do make our customers happy.
Yip, who knew packaging and logistics could make people happy? But we did it. Just read our testimonials.
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“Weengs has developed a shipping service for small retailers and online sellers that takes care of the hand and leg work (quite literally) required to send out orders”
“Small Business Person of the Week: Greg Zontanos, Founder, Weengs”
“Weengs closes £2.2m Seed round with support from Saul and Robin Klein”.