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What is custom packaging & how does it work?

Ηere at Weengs, we take great pride in the fact that we are the packing experts. We pack thousands of items every day, from bits and bobs to live plants and bouquets, ceramics, music instruments, neon signs… the list goes on and on.

How do we make it happen? With custom packing! We love it because it’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective and has the added advantage of looking really good! In case you were wondering how it all works, let us break the custom packaging process down for you:

What is custom packaging?

As the name suggests, custom packaging is essentially designing packaging around your products from scratch rather than simply selecting a ready-made box that the product might fit into. This means creating a brand-new box specifically for each and every one of your shipment’s contents (and presentation!).

How we do it

We start with measurements.

If the item being shipped isn’t fragile, we’ll take its exact measurements and create a box that it would fit into with little or no movement inside.

Our amazing – and smart – pack-size machine takes the dimensions we send in and, using small motorised blades, it makes cuts that can produce the exact size and design requested. And we mean any size – from bits and bobs, to highly fragile pieces of tech.

Anything can be snugly and safely placed in our custom boxes. We’ll then fold it and seal it. This eliminates void and excess packaging which – as we mentioned earlier – has the added benefit of not only being environmentally sound but also saves you money as you no longer have to pay for empty space.

How we handle fragile items

If the item being shipped is fragile, we once again start with the measurements but this time we add a couple of centimeters in each direction to account for internal protective padding!

Since we don’t believe in one-size-fits all solutions, we use a number of different materials to ensure anything you send makes it to its final destination safe and sound. This includes:

single- as well as double-wall cardboard boxes, reinforced gummed paper tape, crumpled paper filling, air pouches for extra protection and acid-free wrapping tissue paper. We choose whichever solution best fits each item! And because, like we said, we’re the packing experts, damages to goods are reduced to a virtually nonexistent 0.5% (compared to 8% which is the industry average.)

Best of all: it saves you a ton of money!

When shipping with Weengs, packaging is free. We don’t charge for this awesome process. As a result, you’ll not only save actual money on boxes and packing materials, but you’ll also save precious time spent on regular trips to the post office. Instead, you can expect orders to be collected daily from your address of choice.

The news is out: it’s a new era of fulfilment! Try it for yourself: sign up for Weengs now and receive your first shipment free!