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The most popular retail trends of the season

What’s trending these days? And why should we even care about it? Looking at trends might make our eyes roll at times and as small business owners we can even become offended at the suggestion to follow them blindly. After all, we want to be leaders, not followers. However, we could argue that there is some merit in looking into what’s popular at the moment, for a number of reasons. The most important of them is (a) to keep an eye on where the industry is heading and (b) to see if the audience for any “trending products” could be better served by what we have to offer them – as we take the opportunity to make new connections.

So let’s take a look, shall we? Here are the top retail trends for this summer:

Micro trends, aka “All the trends that are fit to ‘gram’”.

Long gone are the era-defining trends of the past, where anything coveted could stay safe in the knowledge that it could remain so for years. Today, social media culture burns through trends at a breakneck speed. Memes are born and die within days and if you jump on the train a moment too late you’re running the risk of seeming out of touch to your customers. For example, while unicorn, rainbow and matcha everything dominated this year, these trends are now already on their way out (avocado, the king of breakfast and insta #foodporn posts are getting tired but still hold some clout). So hot right now: the ubiquitous flamingo and its fancy pool float friends, as well as charcoal in everything, from beauty products to ice cream.

By the time you read this blog post everything mentioned above might already be ancient history. However, there is a common thread that everything that takes the social media world by storm shares: they all absolutely must be photogenic. Taste and practical purpose be damned: beauty reigns supreme. Bonus point if it’s a riff on an already beloved item (e.g. ice-cream tacos).

If you find the whole ordeal of following whatever’s new tiring, Google Trends is a great tool that makes it easy for you to keep up with everything that’s going on. Μore than that: Google Trends helps you understand how and when each trend came to prominence, how demand for it ebbs and flows and what it signifies (or doesn’t) for the industry as a whole. It’s also a fun and easy way to get your news in the morning and always staying in the loop.

Building around the customer’s individuality.

As the retail world, no longer bound by the restrictions of brick and mortar shops, expands and expands, customers are becoming more and more savvy and seeking out personalised services and experiences that cater to them. They want to be able to customise their products and they also want their products to speak for what they stand for. Beyond the buzzwords du jour, customers are now on the lookout for companies that conduct their business ethically, be it cruelty-free makeup, ethically sourced clothing, or fair-trade coffee.

I want what I want and I want it now.

Another thing that customers have been seeking out is faster and faster shipping, even on the same day in some cases (which accounts for the meteoric rise of online grocery shopping.) To keep up, small business owners need all the help they can get. That’s why we’re here. Weengs collects, packs and ships your items to your customers on your own terms, so you can keep up with the demand while still focusing your energy on building and growing your business. See our services and sign up for a free trial here.