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The Trouva partnership produces results

For retailers who want to deliver the best customer experience, offering quick and reliable shipping is key. That’s why Trouva, an online retailer which works with 250 of the UK’s finest independent boutiques, has now partnered with Weengs for shipping solutions which offer quick and hassle-free package delivery. With Weengs growing in popularity, more and more retailers like Trouva are turning to the service to ensure the fastest, cheapest and most dependable shipping anywhere in the world.

Trouva & Weengs

Trouva is an online retailer that sources unique fashion and lifestyle products from boutiques across the UK. However, the diversity of sources represents shipping challenges for Trouva. Initially, Trouva faced a major challenge in handling logistics for many of the small shops under their umbrella. It wanted to offer their customers a reliable experience, but some of their shops took time to ship items. At the same time, it experienced problems when customers ordered goods from various different shops. Trouva couldn’t merge shipments that were ordered from different stores, presenting a logistical nightmare. But then Weengs came to the rescue. Its Angels would quickly pick up all parcels located in the Trouva network and merged into the Weengs warehouse, ensuring all goods were shipped on time and helping drive Trouva’s business forward.

On top of that, with the help of Weengs, all international shipments were taken care of in terms of customs –addressing another major problem involved in Trouva’s shipping operations.

And of course, Weengs provides tracking and accountability for each shipment directly through the Weengs app, which gives Trouva’s customers security and peace of mind. Quick shipping, efficient order merging and reliable service are the reasons companies like Trouva choose Weengs for their shipping needs.