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Never deal with delivery again. No more pulling out your hair trying to figure out the perfect price for your order. Our courier delivery service works with minimal risk and maximum urgency.

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Fully integrated fulfilment services:
All carriers in one account

Weengs Collection

We collect and handle deliveries

No more queuing at the Post Office or waiting around. Your Weengs driver comes around in one of our vans and picks up the bags at the agreed time. Your driver is familiar with you and your business, so they’re in and out, with minimal disruption to your time, customers and business. This is what makes us one of the best delivery companies for small business, there is a courier ready to collect & deliver who knows what you need, when you need it. Learn more about our collection services here.

Weengs Packing

Professional packing and packaging materials included

Trained packers pack your items and get everything ready for order delivery. They focus on each separately, making sure it’s in the sweet spot between maximum protection and minimum size. You can learn more about our custom packaging here.

Package Delivery

Business and ecommerce delivery and all the perks that come with it

No more separate subscriptions for business delivery and ridiculous eligibility terms and conditions to signup for a business account, no more surprise fees, no more chasing around couriers for cheapest rates. We aggregate bigger volume which gets everyone, including you, better rates from carriers. Learn how we take the hassle out of shipping for you here.

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Ecommerce should be driven by demand, not disrupted by fulfilment

Free collections

Includes professional packing and materials

Best shipping rates and all carriers in one account

To solve this for everyone, we provide large-scale logistics to small & medium businesses in one fully integrated fulfilment service

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collected, packed and delivered for free!