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Fully integrated fulfilment services:
All carriers in one account

Parcel delivery and, more broadly, logistics is a bummer, especially if you’re an independent retailer. Established ecommerce players have it going for them with business delivery accounts, preferential deals and low prices from shipping carriers, from small to large parcel delivery.

With seamless order fulfilment, from the processing of sold items to packing and shipping, the big guys keep getting bigger while the little guys get stuck. You’re struggling to scale and focus on sales, and you can’t even get a small box delivery for cheap.

Weengs is an industry challenger that solves this problem by getting you access to the same perks large scale logistics has to offer and the best prices for courier delivery. We even throw in collection, packaging materials and professional packing.

Because we collect from hundreds of independent retailers in London and work with the best delivery companies for small businesses, we’re able to get you the same benefits the big guys have but without the big overheads.

Weengs Collection

We collect and handle deliveries

No more queuing at the Post Office or waiting around. Your Weengs driver comes around in one of our vans and picks up the bags at the agreed time. Your driver is familiar with you and your business, so they’re in and out, with minimal disruption to your time, customers and business. This is what makes us one of the best delivery companies for small business, there is a courier ready to collect & deliver who knows what you need, when you need it. Learn more about our collection services here.

Weengs Packing

Professional packing and packaging materials included

Trained packers pack your items and get everything ready for order delivery. They focus on each separately, making sure it’s in the sweet spot between maximum protection and minimum size. You can learn more about our custom packaging here.

Package Delivery

Business and ecommerce delivery and all the perks that come with it

No more separate subscriptions for business delivery and ridiculous eligibility terms and conditions to signup for a business account, no more surprise fees, no more chasing around couriers for cheapest rates. We aggregate bigger volume which gets everyone, including you, better rates from carriers. Learn how we take the hassle out of shipping for you here.

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You get one price, uniquely determined by your specific fulfilment needs.

It’s bespoke to your business depending on the services you pick and it takes everything into account, at the same time making up for unplanned losses and costs that hide behind time & space waste.

More with Weengs

You pay-as-you-send and save on every shipment by cutting down on:

  • Packing time
  • Trying to figure out which carrier to ship with
  • Shipping rates, which we’ll negotiate on your behalf
  • Waiting around for collections, organizing drop-offs
  • Packaging materials, breakages and losses

You can also make better use of your space, once you clear out all those packaging materials that you paid for and are just cluttering up everything.

We make money by aggregating orders from many other businesses like yours which gets you better rates from carriers. We reinvest most of it in making the process as smooth as possible for everyone. We grow when you grow.

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Large Parcel Delivery

Sending large parcels can be a logistical nightmare for businesses. To find a fulfilment centre that will cater for your needs is time consuming and stressful. This is where we come in. We have the facilities to provide a cost effective, large parcel delivery service, that can streamline your business processes - saving you both time and money.

What size parcels do we deliver?

We deliver parcels up to 120cm, meaning we have you covered for all except the largest items. Our custom packaging means that awkward items, which usually have to be boxed in vastly oversized packages, can be delivered in sleek, ergonomic, style.

What weight parcels can we deliver?

No parcel is too light for us! However, on the other end of the scales, we are able to deliver parcels up to 30kg in weight.

Box Delivery

What type of boxes do you use in delivery?

They are completely customised to fit the shape of your item 100%. This means that there is no wasted space, giving you a cheaper box delivery. With the greatest attention to detail, we’ll effectively package your items to look great and be secure.

What material is your box made from?

We only use the highest quality materials for making our boxes. This provides a higher level of protection from any knocks or weather that your parcel could encounter – although we’re confident this won’t happen under our care.

Courier Delivery

At Weengs, we pride ourselves in using the best couriers in the business. They are trained to deliver exceptional customer service – alongside your packages. Whether picking up your sold stock, taxing it to the warehouse, or final delivery, you can trust our couriers to look after your stock with as much care as you would.

Our fleet of vehicles is varied and diverse, although our couriers usually arrive in a car or van. It’s not too uncommon for more environmentally friendly options like bikes and the good old fashioned two feet to be used from time to time.

Business Delivery

Our business delivery is tailorable to all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re just starting out and need to free up more time, but finding the right people who you can trust has been difficult in the past. Or perhaps you’re an SME or large corporate looking to increase your level of service and reduce costs. We are able to cater for your needs and provide a service that will help your business succeed and grow.

Ecommerce should be driven by demand, not disrupted by fulfilment

Weengs offers a bespoke logistics solution for all your ecommerce needs in one service, so you can focus on your business.

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