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What makes Weengs different?

When you sell everywhere your customers buy (because it’s 2019!) the confinements of a traditional fulfilment centre no longer work. And when your business grows, you quickly realise you need to start focusing on managing success (yeah, it’s a challenge).

Weengs lets you keep your items close and your profit margins closer. Control your own stock right until when orders are placed and then forget about it. We’ll literally take it off your hands, pack and ship it.

  • Collections by specially assigned drivers from our own van fleet

    You place your customers’ orders in the bags, you put the bags codes in the dashboard and click ‘request a collection’.

    Your Weengs driver comes around in one of our vans and picks up the bags at the agreed time. Your driver is familiar with you and your business, so they’re in and out, with minimal disruption to your time, customers and business.

  • Professional packing
    by our trained packers

    Your items are checked-in the moment they arrive at the Weengs warehouse so nothing gets misplaced or delayed. Trained packers then get to work, packing your items. They focus on each separately, using the right materials for the right item.

    They weigh and measure the resulting parcel, making sure it’s in the sweet spot between maximum protection and minimum size.

  • Custom made boxes
    to fit your items

    Dimensions are put into the Weengs ‘industrial corrugated cardboard on-demand-packaging machine’ (it’s a box printer but we just like saying it because we’re packing nerds).

    Depending on item specification, we either select from a our 40+ standards of box models available in infinite combinations of sizes and shapes, or we build specific models from scratch, if you want us to design one for you.

  • Bespoke materials
    we have in stock

    Bubble wrap?! We have three kinds of it to suit various types of items AND the boxes they go into. And since we’re talking boxes, yours are made bespoke to a perfect fit.

  • Business-level access to multiple shipping carriers in one account

    You tell us how you want your items to be shipped and we use aggregated volume and shipping industry relationship management to get you the best carrier for the price we’ve agreed on, depending on shipping frequency & items’ size, weight, destination and urgency.

  • Carrier relationship management done on your behalf

    There are endless variations based on choice of carriers, huge range of options like domestic, international, economy, express, tracking, signatures, insurance. Right? Wrong. You can go ahead and close all those search tabs slowing down your browser, it’s all automated for you with Weengs.

  • Better shipping rates due to our ability to aggregate volume

    You save time and money by letting us manage multiple shipping carriers in one account. No more separate subscriptions and ridiculous eligibility terms & conditions, no more surprise fees, no more chasing around couriers for cheapest rates.

Weengs is a third party logistics service
that simplifies how you get your goods
to your customers

We provide large-scale logistics to small & medium businesses
in one fully integrated fulfilment service.

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