Next Day delivery: Tag, you’re it!

Helping you help us prioritise your Next Day orders

What’s this red tag thing?!

It’s a Next Day priority tag that would really help us sort collections faster as they arrive for packing.
Red tags are not mandatory, your Next Day items should still ship on time if they don’t have the red tag on. But you would do us a big favour if you attached the red tags so we can focus on Next Day items and Economy items separately, and process orders faster in this busy period.
You’ll receive a roll of Next Day priority red tags soon, like the ones in the picture.

What next? Easy!

Simply attach Next Day priority red tags in the metal rings of your Weengs bag or lanyard before your Next Day items are collected by your Weengs driver.
Please do not tie it to the actual item inside the bag as it won’t be visible – that would sort of defeat the purpose.
This way, we can quickly process your Next Day items and move on to your Economy orders much faster.