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I wanted to try a service which would help me handle the amount of items I have to send out. Before Weengs I was making several trips a week to the Post Office, sending 20-30 items per day which was very time consuming.

Depop - Imogen

Before Weengs our process was a nightmare. We were packaging everything, tying it up in ribbon, putting it in a plastic bag, putting it in a box, parcel taping it, writing the address and then one of us was having to walk to the Post Office at the end of the day. It was such a faff and just wasn't fun.

Bad Denim - Sorcha

I assumed that my products would just be packaged in a box that best fits their size but was pleasantly surprised to see the packaging is very much built around the product, therefore minimising waste and taking up less space.

Pop Shop - Sybil

Εvery single delivery has been delivered timely and with zero customer issues and only positive experience - we’ve even had customers comment on the delivery/packaging as being of a high standard.

Stuff & All - Craig

I was beginning to struggle with packing, wrapping and taking stuff to the Post Office so when Weengs came along I thought 'Oh my god, this is my saving grace'. Had it not been at that very moment in time I don't think my business would have grown so smoothly.

T&Shop - Emily

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