On this page, we’ve collected what we consider the most important information so you’ll find everything you want to know about Weengs. With answers on questions about costs, shipping, delivery, solutions and our services.

Feel free to get in touch on hello@weengs.co.uk or +44 2038655123.


What are the standard delivery times?

For the UK we offer a Next Day option (next working day guaranteed) and an Economy option (90% of the time within 3 working days, maximum 5 working days). International delivery times may be found here:

Do your drivers come in cars, vans or bikes?

They come in all types of vehicles, but mainly in cars and vans!  

Do you offer refunds in case of damages?

We offer refunds of up to £1,000 in case of any damage which take place from the moment an item is collected by our driver right through to delivery. The specific clause may be found here, under clause 12: Terms and Conditions

What do our bags look like?

We have a variety of cotton bags all with individual tags used for identification. Each business is left with an ample supply of these which are replaced with each collection.

Are deliveries signed for?

Yes, regardless of service or carrier all shipments are signed for.

How are items linked to specific bags?

Each bag has a specific 4-letter code which you enter when processing your order. The item(s) in the bag will be delivered to the recipient with the corresponding shipment. This means no photos need to be taken.

What precautions do our drivers take when collecting items to ensure they're not damaged in transit?

All of our drivers undertake a training process to ensure they handle items correctly. They also carry bubble wrap and other packaging which is used to protect parcels in transit.