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Get the best shipping rates and business-level access to multiple shipping carriers in one account, complete with free collection and carrier relationship management done on your behalf.

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Fully integrated fulfilment services:
All carriers in one account

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Parcel shipping without the hassle

All you need to do is add your customer’s order from your ecommerce shop to your Weengs dashboard and request a collection. We take care of the rest.

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Professional packing and packaging materials

Trained packers pack your items. They focus on each separately, making sure it’s in the sweet spot between maximum protection and minimum size.

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Best shipping prices

You get the best rates because we aggregate parcel shipping from many other businesses like yours which gets you better shipping prices from carriers.

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Shipment tracking

You just tell us how you want your items to be shipped – picking economy to express package shipping, from untracked to tracked and signed.

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Never worry about damages or losses again. Parcel shipping comes with insurance of up to £200 in the unlikely event of damage in transit.

Ecommerce should be driven by demand, not disrupted by fulfilment

Convenient daily collections

Free professional packing and packaging materials

Best shipping rates and major carriers in one account

To solve this for everyone, we provide large-scale logistics to small & medium businesses in one fully integrated fulfilment service.

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