‘Tis the season to be prepared

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to handle all those extra holiday season orders and keep your customers jolly.

Make sure you have enough Weengs bags

Orders usually start to spike mid-November, with a first taste around Black Friday (the 23rd of November). A steady increase in orders follows as we move closer to Christmas.

⚠️ Stock up on bags ahead of time, as last-minute requests may not get to you in time

⚠️ Remember to attach red tags to next day shipments so they’re dispatched same day.

⚠️ Drivers will start bringing you red tags Monday, the 12th of November. Please start tagging your next day shipments from Wednesday, the 14th of November.

ℹ️ The dashboard is the only place to request bags. Bags will reach you in 2-3 working days, so keep an eye out for deliveries. We’ve increased our own stock of bags, tags, and lanyards so there’s plenty to go around.

How to not miss a shipment

⚠️ Double-check that you’ve entered each bag’s label code in the dashboard.

ℹ️ We can’t process items without a booked code. We’ll have to return shipments that are in bags that haven’t been booked in.

Saturday collections starting soon

⚠️ Saturday collections will start from the 17th of November. You can start adding orders and barcodes to the dashboard once the Friday time slot has passed to make sure we collect from you on Saturday.
If you’re closed on Saturday or simply don’t need Saturday collections, email us at hello@weengs.co.uk with the text ‘OPT OUT’.
⚠️ In order to guarantee a collection driver comes around, you just need to follow the usual process; have at least one bag code booked into the dashboard any time up to 1 hour prior to your collection time slot.
⚠️ Let the Customer Support team know if you have orders for bulky or large items so that we send a suitable van to fit them.
ℹ️ We have additional routes and drivers to help with the extra volume of orders.

Handing parcels to carriers

⚠️ Factor in that carriers might be stretched over the holidays, so book your shipments in the Weengs dashboard as soon as orders come in.
ℹ️ Our aim is to get parcels out the door as quickly as possible in order to keep our next day and economy delivery promises. You can easily track and share progress with your customers from your dashboard, including items being packed and dispatched.
ℹ️ Occasionally, we receive restricted items which can’t be shipped – if you’re unsure of what can and can’t be shipped, please check our T&Cs or ask our Customer Support team. If we receive restricted items, these will not be shipped and we can’t guarantee when these will be returned to you during this busy period.

Parcels returned by carriers

ℹ️ If parcels are returned to us by a carrier, we’ll get in touch. We’ll hold items for a two-day window so you can let us know if you want your order re-shipped to the customer or back to you. After that, shipments will be returned to you automatically.

Save some time and integrate your shop with Weengs

ℹ️ Manually adding orders to the dashboard sucks. Please get in touch if you’re manually booking shipments and we’ll try to help with your shop’s integration.

️Safe collection dates and opening times

ℹ️ We’ll still be collecting, packing and shipping up to and including the 22nd of December.
However, be aware of safe collection dates marked in the calendar, if you need your shipments to arrive with your customers before Christmas. 
We’ll be off on Christmas Eve (Monday), Christmas Day (Tuesday), Boxing Day (Wednesday) and New Year’s Day (Tuesday, the 1st of January 2019), but other than that it’s business as usual.

Customer Support

ℹ️Our Customer Support team are on hand to help with any queries you have. They’ll be working extended hours to ensure you get a response as soon as possible. This will include Saturdays once we have started Saturday collections.
Our chat box on the dashboard is the quickest way to reach us. Alternatively, you can email us at help@weengs.co.uk or call on 0203 865 5107.
Our extended working hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday, and 9:00 AM to 5:00 on Saturday, from 19th of November to the 21st of December.